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pH paper

pH paper

pH paper (Application and characteristics) FaraTajhiz > Articles > pH paper What is pH paper? pH paper, or pH strips, is a simple and effective tool for measuring the acidity or alkalinity of solutions. These papers are available in the form of small strips with different colors and are used to detect the pH of …

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Chemistry conference


21th iranian chemistry congress FaraTajhiz > Articles > Congress The 21st International Chemistry Congress of Iranian Chemical Society was held! After a two-year break and in parallel with the International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development, the host of the largest gathering of chemical professors, students, researchers and industrialists in the 21st International Chemistry …

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Nanomaterials (types and applications) FaraTajhiz > Articles > Nanomaterials What are nanomaterials? Nanomaterials are materials with particle sizes typically below 100 nanometers and are used in various industries. Nanomaterials have different physical and chemical characteristics compared to larger particles. For example, their high surface-to-volume ratio allows them to exhibit new and unique behaviors. Additionally, due …

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