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pH Paper Panpeha

(3 customer reviews)
  • Produced by Whatman-Cytiva Company
  • 200 numbers (can be used for up to 600 tests)
  • with half precision in the range of pH=0-9
  • and with an accuracy of 1 in the range of pH=9-14
  • Suitable for accurate and sensitive tests

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This pH paper panpeha with code 10360005 is produced by Sytiva and Whatmann companies

Additional information

pH paper

200 numbers (can be used for up to 600 tests)

3 reviews for pH Paper Panpeha

  1. Reza N.Saei

    Excellent product for those who want accurate pH results comparable to good quality pH meters.

  2. Ramin

    Sytiva and Whatmann really produce the best ph paper,
    Thank you for the fast delivery of ph paper panpeha from FaraTajhiz company.

  3. Hamed

    I recommend buying one of the best brands of pH paper, which Faratajhiz delivered to me in the shortest time and at the best price.

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